Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Real Housing Numbers

The claims being banded around that the Lib Dems promoted the building of 15,000+ houses in 2008 is simply wrong, I know I was there! Anyone who wishes to, can check the figure on Page 57 of the previous Core Strategy Development Document, and will see the figure of 7,250 houses. This document is available to the public to look at. I believe this figure increased to 10,400 at the end of the Public Examination. The 15,000 figure seems to have come from the minutes of Newton Abbot Chamber of Commerce, where is was reported the Conservative leader of the council said "15,000 houses would be build half in Newton Abbot". So the only U-turn seems to be on the part of a number of Conservatives councillors who only a few months earlier had enthusiastically supported the work of the all-party review group who recommended a figure of 10,000. The Chairman of the council, Cllr Clarance was full of praise for the review group and eager for his vote to be recorded in favour of 10,000 in May, only to use his casting vote against at the full council

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