Monday, 15 October 2012

More Teignbridge Waste

After wasting £3000 on an outside video filming service, whilst they had an in-house video service, once again taxpayers money has been wasted by Tories. This time £8000 has been spent on a council management review from which there will be no final report! Teignbridge council hired retired local authority chief executive Jeffrey Ligo to review the council's management structure and suggest improvements and potential savings; however now, after seven months of work, its been revealed that Mr Ligo has been told not to bother with a final written report to Teignbridge's councillors. Instead, a report from the council's chief executive, Nicola Bulbeck, on the 'way forward' will be considered by the council's ruling Conservative Executive. It's astonishing that after seven months of work by an outside consultant that there will be nothing to show for the £8,000 we have been told this review has cost.

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