Monday, 20 August 2012

People Power!

Incredible! People power has won the day. Whilst we are yet to formally vote on this, but I can't see this being changed. to build 1,000 homes in the countryside between West Teignmouth and Bishopsteignton have been abandoned in the ‘Plan Teignbridge’ strategy. Can I say a really big thank you to all the people who supported me in opposing this desecration of our precious countryside. You will be Plans able to see the Draft Submission on the Teignbridge website after 4pm today.

Broadmeadow Footballers Play a Home Game

Great to see the Broadmeadow STFC teams playing at home; because this junior/youth football club have been without a home for over a decade. The Club does great work with youngsters up 17. The new sports pitches at Michael's Field, were opened Sunday. It’s testament to the dedication, dignified persistence and tenacity of a great group of outstanding people that kept the club together in those wilderness years; the superb facilities at Michael’s Field are a just reward for the Club. My only regret is it was too late for many young footballers.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

No Longer the Grot Shop

What a difference a coat of paint and bit of cleaning can make. It’s a shame I had to get the council to threaten enforcement action; but in fairness to Tesco they have acted to deal with the problem. I'm pleased to report, Tesco have made positive noises about using the former One Stop for the community, so fingers crossed.

Friday, 10 August 2012


‘Plan Teignbridge’ is the new name for the plan to build 12,400 houses in the district, including plans for a massive development between West Teignmouth and Bishopsteignton. On the 20th August the plans will be published and councillors will be briefed. I believe Teignbridge Council has got its figures wrong, and housing needs to be built sensitively preserving those things that make our area so special. The first meeting (Overview & Scrutiny)about the plan will be on 4th September. The key vote will take place at a spcial meeting of the full council on Friday 21 September, before submission to Secretary of State.

Town Council Secrecy

Teignmouth Town Council has become far too secretive, as the way the Meadow Centre was dealt with shows. We cannot rebuild trust in politics without making the council more inclusive, open and accountable. It sometimes seems a genuine item requiring privacy is found, in order to make the entire debate secret. There remain many unanswered questions about the Meadow Centre issue - who knew about
the town council’s secret talks with Teignbridge. Why was this issue not dealt with at an earlier council meeting – considering the vote was 5 to 6 with one councillor on holiday, this is a very important question.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Town Hall Taliban

A residents' association and registered charity - KRA had applied to run the Meadow Centre, all was going well until out of the blue, the town council asked to take it on - with few councillors knowing. On Tuesday 7th August we debated the issuse - behind close doors! I’m disappointed that by one vote we failed to stop the town council taking the licence, and supporting the residents' association. I believe the best people to run a community centre are the community not politicians. There were parts of the meeting that had to be in private because personal details were discussed, but holding the whole meeting without the press or public, was in my opinion overkill. We need to be open and transparent. However it could have been worse, and believe the compromise of letting KRA the residents’ association run the Meadow Centre under the town council is a better outcome than I had anticipated. It is very important that all the good work at the Meadow Centre continues, so I am pleased that is guaranteed for the next three months. I doubt we would have got that compromise, without the people coming down to Bitton House to support the trustees.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Big Drop in Crime

Local Teignmouth Police beat manager PC Phil Colley is being praised by community leaders; after recently released crime figures showed a phenomenal drop in anti-social behaviour in West Teignmouth.Between 2008 and 2011 criminal damage dropped by nearly half (48%), whilst anti social behaviour saw an even more dramatic fall, dropping by over two thirds (67%) PC Colley puts the successes down to teamwork with other agencies and building strong relationships with the community. Antisocial behaviour and criminal damage are the issues that most affects people’s quality of life, so it’s really great to see the impact the team has made, reflected in the figures. However the figures are not the whole story, I can not speak highly enough about Phil and Saul’s dedication to the community they serve; as I’m sure many residents will testify. It’s a pleasure to work with them.