Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Benefit Help

The independent Credit Crunch Commission, set up by Teignbridge Council, recommended a £10,000 grant to Teignbridge Outreach Benefits Service.

In the period between April and October this year, the service dealt with 174 requests for help and advice. Benefits of £8,095.00 a week have been identified and claimed for local people and the outcomes of around 70 further claims are awaited.

Many enquiries deal with or result in an entitlement to one or more benefit being identified. It is also known that where income to vulnerable households is maximised, economic hardship is reduced. This increases the amount of money available to be spent in the local area, which in turn supports the local community.

People have said that they feel ‘a huge weight has been lifted’ and they are better able to cope and feel more supported. Where it is relevant, people are also directed to other services that may also be able to help.

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