Thursday, 3 September 2009

Renewable Energy Grants

In 1995 Liberal Democrats introduced and pushed through the Home Energy Conservation Act, a bill written in consultation with Friends of the Earth and fuel poverty groups.

Government grants to householders of up to £2,500 (or 50% which ever is the lower) for solar, wind, hydro and other renewable energy systems. There are quite tough qualification criteria and I understand there is a long waiting list.

If you want to save water, save energy, save money, and save the environment - for free!
you could fit an Eaga ShowerSmart unit, to your shower. The Eaga ShowerSmart fits easily to your existing shower unit and ensures a constant flow of 7.7 litres per minute, giving a full even jet and reducing fluctuation in the speed of the water flow.

As soon as you install your eaga ShowerSmart, it will start saving you money and water for a guaranteed 15 years. The average UK family is likely to save up to a substantial £900 over the product's lifetime. The experts say fitting the eaga ShowerSmart enables the average family to save more than 12,000 litres of water every year and cut carbon emissions by 1 tonne of CO2.
It is easy to install, once your free pack arrives, it takes seconds to install, without the need for a plumber. Simply undo your existing shower hose at the tap end, screw in your eaga ShowerSmart, with the provided washers on either end, finger tight, then screw the shower hose onto it. The eaga ShowerSmart is suitable for use with non-electric mixer showers or bath/shower mixer taps, provided they run off the mains water pressure. Follow this link to get your free ShowerSmart:-

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