Monday, 28 September 2009

Get Warm for Winter

Teignbridge Council is urging local people to make sure they’re warm this winter by taking advantage of specially subsidised low-cost loft and cavity-wall insulation.

The Council’s ‘Warm 4 Winter’ scheme, run in partnership with Miller Pattison, offers insulation for anyone from as little as £99. Thanks to additional funding from Teignbridge Council, some eligible groups of people, including low-income households, may even be entitled to free insulation. Meanwhile people living in Teignmouth and Dawlish may be able to benefit from discounts under the Devon Warm Zones scheme.

With winter on the way, Teignbridge is encouraging people to insulate their properties now, before they face increasing heating and energy bills during the colder months. Anyone applying for insulation now will be better placed to have work completed in time for winter, enabling them to stay warmer for less.

By insulating lofts and walls people can greatly reduce the amount of heat lost from their home, as around a quarter of heat is lost through the roof and about a third through walls. Good insulation helps keep energy costs down and can benefit people’s health. By reducing the energy taken to heat a home, it also helps the environment.

Miller Pattison is currently working with Nationwide Insulation Grants, which has a team of surveyors able to carry out free no-obligation surveys of Teignbridge residents’ homes. The company is also tele-canvassing in Teignbridge over the coming weeks to raise awareness of the Warm4Winter scheme and to book surveys for interested households.

Anyone wishing to book a no obligation survey can phone Nationwide Insulation Grants on freephone 0800 0190 235. Any customers with queries related to the scheme can contact Zoe Farmer at Teignbridge Council on 01626 215764 or

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