Tuesday, 8 September 2009


MP Richard Younger Ross, councillors, police, local businesses, and most importantly the fans, have all hailed the MUSE concert, a resounding success . The two night Muse extravaganza reverberated through the streets of our seaside town as the rock superstars finished their two-night home coming gig; which we've waited 10 years for. Fantastic coverage for MUSE and Teignmouth in the national press. The Daily Telegraph dug up Mayor Vince Fusco's embarrassing moment (we've all been trying not to talk about it) and the Guardian mentioned my attempt to have the band's name on the 'welcome to Teignmouth signs' a few years back.

Many of the fans have posted on message boards how friendly Teignmouth was - do visit us again. When you consider an estimated 30,000 people visited the town yet only 10 people were arrested over the two nights , the 'Seaside Rendezvous' really was special.

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