Saturday, 1 December 2012

Shepherds Lane

The developer has now formally announced they want to build 200 homes on the eastern side of Shepherds Lane (this is in the civil parish of Bishopsteignton), and has commissioned archaeologists (Cotswold Archaeology) to survey the fields to discover whether there are any significant historic artefacts on the site. Items suggesting a Romano-British farmstead have been found.
As I've said before Cotswold Archaeology is quite candid about what they do: “We work closely with developers and contractors to ensure efficient programming of attendance to reduce costs and avoid delays to construction programmes.” They are about helping developers deal with the archaeology requirements of a planning application. The recent heavy rainfall caused some properties to be flooded in Haytor Close; clearly the run-off from any development would pose the danger of flooding to properties lower down the hill in Moorview Drive. The developer, told the Teignmouth Post that they were prepared to donate about 12 acres opposite TCS Mill Lane School as an ”ecological park, and also provide much-needed extra parking space for the school.” Anyone familiar with the topography of the land will know it is the least ideal for building on. The school prides itself on having the majority of its pupils walking to school and does not want any parents’ parking, nor do I imagine do Mill Lane residents want more traffic. Proposals to construct hundreds of new homes in the area were rejected in 'Plan Teignbridge' local plan, thanks to the many people who made their views known to the council. The area is designated "Undeveloped Coast" a similar designation to "Coastal Preservation Area"; however because the council voted for a higher number of houses (on the Conservative chairman's casting vote) there is always the danger a developer will use 'housing need' to overcome the Undeveloped Coast designation. A plan to build over 300 houses on designated countryside in Dawlish was rejected by councillors on the planning committee on the 26th November. It will be an interesting to see if the developer gets permission when he appeals to the Planning Inspector on the grounds of 'housing need'. We certainly need housing for local families; however there are more sustainable sites in the town close to amenities to provide that housing. I have the support of my colleague, Alan Williams the councillor for Bishopsteignton (the proposed development is in his ward).

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