Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Servants not Masters

Councillors and council workers should be the servants of the people; however all too often they behave as if they are "lords and masters" telling off people for daring to question anything. It's a great privilege to serve the people of West Teignmouth, I never forget it is your services and your taxes. We shouldn't be buying painting for Bitton House whilst folk are waiting for replacement bus shelters. Whereas councillors are inevitably political, council officers have to be scrupulously apolitical. Evens at Tuesday’s town council meeting have caused some serious concerns. The town clerk has briefed some town councillors about bus shelter replacement – unfortunately they were all Conservative councillors, thereby giving them an advantage. By incredible coincidence the clerk (himself a former Conservative councillor) was completely unable to contact any of the Liberal Democrat or Independent councillors; aparantly it couldn't be done by phone, e-mail or carrier pigeon. It doesn’t look very good for impartiality.

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