Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Benefit Changes

In tough times benefits can make a big difference, especially for families and older people. Far too many people miss out, often assuming that they don’t qualify. But it really is worth checking again, new rules come in to effect on Monday 2nd November. So even if you haven’t been eligible before, you may be, come 2nd November.
Here is the detail from the council: from 2nd November two major changes to the way benefits are calculated will provide additional help to families and older residents, and may make more people eligible for assistance. Firstly, child benefit will no longer be counted as income when assessing eligibility for Housing and/or Council Tax benefit. Secondly, for anyone aged over 60, capital, savings or investments to the value of £10k will be disregarded in the calculation of any benefit. Anybody currently receiving benefits will have their entitlement automatically recalculated by Teignbridge Council, which will write to anyone whose benefits may change. However, under the new rules many people who don’t currently qualify for help may become eligible, and Teignbridge is urging anyone who’s unsure to contact the council on 01626 361101 or visit www.teignbridge.gov.uk to confidentially check their entitlement.

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