Sunday, 3 August 2014

Twenty is Plenty

I've been supporting residents,to get a 20 limit on Kingsway and Mill Lane for a number of years. Sadly my efforts haven't been helped by the Highways committee. I've been asked to try again; there are many benefits to a 20 limit. Professor Danny Dorling (Halford Mackinder Professor of the School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford), is something of an expert. Prof Dorling has produced a report on the benefits of a 20 limit. Dorling’s report highlights that, for 5 – 25 year olds, road casualty is the most likely cause of death, injuries are more likely to affect poorer people and there are enormous benefits from 20mph limits in promoting active lifestyles. He says: "I was asked to provide the evidence base for a single workable policy to reduce inequalities in health and improve public health in general. There is now a mountain of evidence to show that reducing car speeds with 20mph limits does this in a way that is far more directly obvious than any other single health policy. The health effects range from reduction in fatalities and serious casualties of road traffic crashes at speed, right through to the encouragement of more healthy walking and cycling when people are less afraid of fast cars driving through their neighbourhoods. The cost is minimal and the benefits are enormous."

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