Sunday, 30 June 2013

Hogging the Limelight

It seems that our Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg has decided to help himself to £650 per month of our money as a housing allowance, on top of his £85,000 salary. Mr Hogg says he needs the cash to be able to stay near Police HQ in Exeter, because he lives in Helston; only problem with this, is that he police HQ at Middlemoor has ensuite accommodation. However this accommodation is not 'appropriate' for a person of Mr Hogg's standing; instead, he wants the money to be able to stay with chums at the local Royal Navy base. Mr Hogg has already taken on more staff than under the old Police Authority and has spent a further quarter of a million on consultants and agency staff. This latest news really adds insult to injury. How can Mr Hogg be taken seriously when he asks government for more frontline police, whilst he is diverting money which could be used for bobbies on the beat and using it to pad out his £85,000 salary with unnecessary expenses.

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