Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Transport Minister

It was good to meet and talk to Transport Minister Norman Baker last night (Tuesday). Norman has supported 20 limits for residential streets and changed the rules to make easier to get bring in a speed limit. Norman introduced changes that reduce the costs for councils wanting to use 20 mph schemes, allowing them to act faster in response to the needs of local res
idents while still ensuring that drivers know what speed they should drive at. If local communities want to put in place 20 mph schemes on residential roads or use common-sense measures such as variable speed limits outside schools, then the county council should be able to do so without spending time and money satisfying unnecessary Whitehall diktats; but Devon County Council seems to want stay in the past and do nothing. Whilst Shaldon has a number of streets with 20 limits, the people of Kingsway and Inverteign Heights were denied a 20 limit last year when I tried to get the Highways Committee to support a 20 limit in West Teignmouth.

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