Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Town Hall Taliban

A residents' association and registered charity - KRA had applied to run the Meadow Centre, all was going well until out of the blue, the town council asked to take it on - with few councillors knowing. On Tuesday 7th August we debated the issuse - behind close doors! I’m disappointed that by one vote we failed to stop the town council taking the licence, and supporting the residents' association. I believe the best people to run a community centre are the community not politicians. There were parts of the meeting that had to be in private because personal details were discussed, but holding the whole meeting without the press or public, was in my opinion overkill. We need to be open and transparent. However it could have been worse, and believe the compromise of letting KRA the residents’ association run the Meadow Centre under the town council is a better outcome than I had anticipated. It is very important that all the good work at the Meadow Centre continues, so I am pleased that is guaranteed for the next three months. I doubt we would have got that compromise, without the people coming down to Bitton House to support the trustees.

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