Monday, 21 March 2011


I’d love to be able to say this is an April Fool story… but it’s not.From 01 April, you’ll have to pay to take garden and DIY waste to the tip (recycling centre).

Soil and rubble will be charged at £2 a bag. Things covered include brick, block, stone, tiles, paving slabs etc. There are also new charges for other items…

· £2 per tyre

· £7 per bag, or sheet, of plasterboard

· £20 per bag, or sheet, of asbestos

Personally, I think this is dreadfully short-sighted of the County Council because it will lead to more fly tipping in the country side. Locally, we already see this from time to time. It is bound to get worse.

My advice – if you have rubbish to get rid of – is to do it before the end of March.
You only have to look at the pictures of Exeter to see what happens when a council gets it's rubbish collection wrong.

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