Thursday, 21 January 2010

Council Tax

Teignbridge District Council's annual budget consultation is underway, with a brand new online tool enabling local people to show how they'd prioritise and spend money across Council services.

The public consultation runs until Tuesday 16 February, with local people able to go online to show the Council what they'd spend money on using a notional £10 budget to proportionally represent Teignbridge's whole budget. For those without internet access there will also be a public meeting on Friday 22nd January at Teignbridge's Forde House offices from 6pm - 7.30pm where a similar exercise will take place.

The online consultation can be accessed at, and is a first for the Council, with the results going on to help inform the Council's debate on the budget for 2010/11. Further information including initial discussions by Members regarding potential Council Tax levels and changed can also be viewed on the same web page as the consultation, and may help participants make an informed choice. Teignbridge’s possible budget proposals are not limited to the options already discussed by Members.

Using the online tool people can see how Teignbridge spent its 2009/10 budget as a proportion of £10. They can then split £10 between 11 areas of Council service by adding to, reducing or keeping the current amount. Alternatively they can even opt to 'Stop the service' entirely. When setting their budget they'll be able to use the whole £10, less or more. However, if they go over budget they'll have to explain how they'll find the extra money. The Services are:

· Street Cleaning

· Waste Collection & Recycling

· Public Toilets

· Housing - including affordable housing, homelessness etc.

· Parks, open spaces & play

· Leisure and sports

· Concessionary Bus Fares (non-negotiable as it is set by the Government)

· Economic Development & Tourism

· Planning and Building Control

· Community & Culture - including crime reduction, diversity, engagement, partnerships and more.

· Environment, Food and Safety

The responses to the survey will then be considered by Councillors as they debate and set the budget for the coming year.

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