Saturday, 19 December 2009


Teignmouth Traders Association, Teign Estuary Transition, and Teignbridge Council launched the ‘Don’t Forget Your Old Bag’ campaign today in the Triangle at the same time as the Farmers’ Market.
Canvass bags were given out to shops who had agreed to participate in the campaign. Volunteers from Transition had canvassed shops on Tuesday and got a very positive response.
It’s really great to see the three different groups working together for Teignmouth.
Here’s five top tips from Teigbridge’s recycling officer Ben Bryant (shamelessly lifted from the
• Reuse any existing carrier bags you might already have, this is even better than recycling
• Refuse to carry your purchased goods home in a new plastic bag
• Replace plastic bags with a reusable bag for life made of jute/hemp/raffia or paper or use a backpack, trolley or basket
• Remind Yourself to store reusable bags in designated place, e.g. by front door, in handbag or car boot
• Encourage others – friends family and local retailers to turn their back on plastic carriers

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