Sunday, 8 March 2009

Campaign Against Hospital Parking Charges

I have discovered that Devon Primary Care Trust (Devon PCT) plans to introduce Car parking charges at Teignmouth Hospital, I have written to the Chief Executive of Devon PCT, Dr Kevin Snee, calling on the plans to be scrapped. Teignmouth Mayor Fred Tooley and Alderman Mary Strudwick, Vice Chairman of the League of Friends, are backing me. Many people will be financially penalised when attending their local hospital. In addition many people attending Teignmouth Hospital will be tempted to leave their cars in surrounding roads – being in conflict with school traffic, and causing additional congestion and nuisance for people who live in Mill Lane and near the hospital. The PCT plans to introduce car parking charges at all community hospitals, claiming that the scheme is green: “The plan is promoting environmentally friendly ways of travelling to and from the hospitals.…and will aim to encourage better use of alternative methods of transport” (PCT website) I rejected the PCT's claims, this is not a green initiative, I believe the charges are purely designed to raise income for Devon PCT. many parts of rural South Devon have no, or very limited, bus services. Teignmouth Hospital is situated up a very steep hill so the car is vital to most people."I hope the PCT reconsider, this is really a sad move, the local community through the League of Friend of Teignmouth Hospital, raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for the hospital. Now the PCT face the prospect of alienating those communities for the sake of a few hundred pounds they will raise with parking fees."

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