Thursday, 12 February 2009

Lowest Rise in Council Tax

Devon County Council's Executive has proposed a new budget for stability and for the local economy, and with it the lowest increase in Council Tax in this Council's history. At a 2.89%, this year's increase by the County Council is the lowest rise in Council Tax since the County Council started operating in April 1998. That increase would see the County Council's share of the Council Tax representing £1,094.67 for Band D properties.
The local economy is a high priority with the County Council targeting an additional £5.75 million for economic regeneration plus, keeping the large capital programme in schools and roads intact.
The Executive Committee will recommend the proposed budget to the Council's Full Council when it meets on the 19th February. The increase is markedly below the government's effective capping limit of 5% and the April increase for state pensions (5.0%) and state benefits (6.3%).
Meanwhile Dorset County Council has announced an increase of 3.5%, Torbay Council (Unitary) is to increase council tax by 3.9%.

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