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I am very honoured to be selected to stand for the Teignouth division on Devon County Council. My priority is to create happier and more prosperous Teignmouth - to give more responsibility and resources to local people to unleash their energy and talent. Our community is packed with talented people that want to make a difference, but all too often they are marginalised by council bureaucracy or tribal party politics. I am a Liberal Democrat, and it would be less than honest to hide my opinions: however people come before party every time.
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“The Liberal Democrats are ready and keen to regain control of Teignbridge Council on 2nd May. We have a strong team of able, experienced and diverse candidates standing in almost every ward.” Lib Dem Leader Gordon Hook told the media. Launching the Teignbridge Liberal Democrat manifesto, Gordon said: “we demonstrate our forward-thinking and responsible, costed programme, which will produce a CONNECTED, PROTECTED and GREEN COUNCIL FOR ALL THE PEOPLE.” The Liberal Democrat priorities for Teignbridge are: * Genuinely affordable homes to buy or to rent for local people and tougher negotiations with developers; * working closely with Police to tackle anti-social behaviour; * getting serious about environmental protection providing clean streets, better recycling and fighting climate change; * a business-friendly attitude, encouraging entrepreneurs; * open and transparent decision-making, brought closer to residents; and, * valuing and protecting our public services. We will work
PEOPLE power may have triumphed, after a woodland was saved from clearing and cutting, a prelude to development, residence feared. Terrence Stone Construction made a dramatic U-turn and withdraw its application to clear paths through the scrub around and through the area of protected woodland to enable further “site survey and investigation works”. Local residents had pleaded with them not to destroy parts of the woodland which is a habitat for wildlife. The RSPB sent a consultation letter opposing the plan because of the disruption to nesting birds . Local campaigner Marcia Smyth said: "Some people said that we were wasting our time because the ‘big boys’ always win. Well, local residents have shown that if you are passionate and persistent you can win against those big boys." Local councillor David Cox said loss of the woodland would affect the character of the area and have a negative impact on the environment Cllr Cox added: "This goes to show the that in a David an

Say NO to the MMO

Teignmouth protesters are demanding dredging at Exmouth Marina does not mean black sludge ends up on the town's beaches. Angry protesters gathered on Monday 2(5th February) outside the Pavilion building hosting the Teig Estuary Partnership meeting, to rally against proposals to dump silt dredged from Exmouth Marina just off Teignmouth’s beaches. A licence to dump the spoil, dredged from Exmouth, off Sprey Point was suspended last year after black silt appeared on the town’s tourist beaches. The Marine Maritime Organisation (MMO) had granted a marine licence to Exmouth Marina for maintenance dredging and disposal of 10,000 tonnes of materials off Teignmouth, but they suspended it after the golden sands of the main beach in the Teignmouth turned black once dumping began. The licence remains suspended until April 19, 2019, and the MMO is now consulting on a revised application for a new licence. Exmouth Marina’s revised licence application would see a 65 per cent reduction in the tota
Teignmouth Swimming Club will be running 'Crash Swimming Lesions for 11-16 year olds who missed out on learning to swim at primary school. It's completely FREE thanks to the Incredible Fund paying for teacher training and the Communities Together Fund paying for the scheme.

Teignmouth Town Council - Says Save Our Hospital

Teignmouth Town Council has agreed to accept the Hospital Working Party's recommendation.

Social Housing Green Paper

The total new investment in affordable housing proposed in the ? £0 Nothing!